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This cute robot dog was made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and is only $299

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Check out man’s new robotic fine friend, courtesy of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and Kickstarter.

While we’ve viewed plenty of variations of digital or robotic pets, from the 90s Tamagotchi to Sony’s Aibo dogs, we haven’t seen one pretty like the Tombot yet, which these days met its Kickstarter fundraising purpose of $20,000. It works a lot like other canines bots, though it’s intended to be greater of a emotional aid dog, as an alternative than a answer for a household looking for a pet that won’t wreak havoc on their allergies.

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Part of the appeal of the Tombot is its look. Although it genuinely reminds us of the puppies from the claymation film Isle of Dogs, it was designed in part by way of a special/visual consequences corporation headquartered by puppeteer Jim Henson, who is customary for giving us Kermit and the relaxation of the Muppets.

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